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A Certified life Coach. In which I’ve attended; (IPA) INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONS CAREER COLLEGE, I received my Associates Degree in Health And Human Services, while attending ULTIMATE MEDICAL ACADEMY. Lastly I’m currently enrolled at AURORA UNIVERSITY; earning a (BSW) Bachelor Degree in Social Work.

Growing up in a small town called Havana, Fla. As a young girl, my mother would always lend a helping hand to others in their time of need, even when she didn’t have much to give. Seeing how people responded taught me one important fact; it’s not about what you have materialistically, but more so about having empathy, and compassion for what people are going through. As I got older, there were many challenges that I would face, which required me to find the strength to persevere throughout life adversity. A challenging time in my life was me remaining stagnated, not moving forward. It took years for me to get a grip on my life. I didn’t have a positive mindset, I allowed myself to be what people called me and what I told myself. ex: ( Crazy, Nobody wants you, I would never amount to anything, drug abuse, sexual abuse, my sexuality, being bullied, rejected, etc) the list goes on and on. However, a tool that I use to overcome, was my will to dismantle negative thinking, by telling myself who, and what I wanted to become. The more I renewed my mind with my truth, and putting action towards changing my behavior, and learning how to speak positive to myself. Change began to manifest. I learned how to stop being, and I started becoming my true and authentic self.
My Love for helping others, stim from first, being able to help ME! I plan on using my skills, experiences, and education to help empower YOU!

My prayer for everyone is that you get a grip on what has a grip on you, and “Exit That Experience” Our mind is a powerful force that controls our everyday living. The mind is where you live, and move. It is the essence of who you are.

Life Coach in Chicago IL

The brain is considered to be the primary generator and regulator of our emotions; and our is heart the volt to where the issue of life is held hostage, but I’m her to let you know that you have the key to unlock, and release the issues of your heart, and you have the power to renew your mind, by choosing to think on good things.

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